About Us

Hello Ladies,

We are Amber and Denise, the energy behind Jackson Kennedy and Co.  Although we should really say our children, Jackson and Kennedy, are the energy behind our boutique because they are our inspiration, they are the reason we have started this shop.  You might think, "aha - they want to do this for more time with their children," which yes, is partially true, but almost more importantly, we wanted this shop for US.  As two working moms, with husbands, houses, children, pets, chores, and more chores, we were finding that there wasn't much left for the "me."  So we decided "why not" and dived into this creative world.  And yes, the "co" is to cover any future children. ;)

We hope to bring you fun, affordable pieces that not everyone has.  That being said, pieces will be limited (again, not everyone has them!) therefore grab them while you can.  We will do our best to re-stock popular items, but pending their availability it may not be possible.

Happy Shopping!

Amber & Denise